What To Buy A Career Girl Who Spends Most Of Her Time In A Car

We all have a workaholic friend or two who is always on the go. If yours happens to be a woman, then here are a few gift suggestions that will suit her…

Neck pillows or headrests

If your career girl spends more travelling that driving, then chances are that she might be using those long vehicle rides to catch up with her mails or catch up with her much needed sleep. In this case, a neck pillow (or the now famous ostrich pillows) will work perfectly here. But if your workaholic friend is the driver rather than the passenger, then opt instead for a comfortable headrest padding they can slip into the vehicle seat. Not only will it make travelling easier, it will also be better for their back bone and neck.

Decorations for the inside and the outside of the car

To opt for this, you need to figure if your career girl gift recipient prefers having their car stark and devoid of any decorations, or if the decorations will make it more interesting for them to spend time inside the vehicle. If they are the latter, you can opt for custom made vinyl stickers that suit your friend. You can also opt for dash board toys and toys and ornaments that some people like hanging on their rearview mirror. Even things like hand made crocheted head rest covers will make a great gift…

A makeup caddy and a few items of makeup to make dressing in the car easier

Is your gift receiver known for running late? If she is, chances are that she does half her dressing, especially the makeup in the vehicle. More often than not, this means she’ll have to lug around that makeup in her hand bag, just so it doesn’t get lost. If you’re looking for something a little more useful than car decals, then opt to get her a vehicle makeup and get-ready caddy. Include things like neutral colored eye shadows, a nude lipstick, a packet of wet wipes and even a makeup remover to it to get her started.

Electronics meant for the car

One of the best things about this century is the advancing in technology. Most tasks of our daily routine can be performed online…and more often than not, through your smart phone. And as simple as this has made us, this has also unfortunately made us very dependent on our electronics and their battery life. If your career girl always has a smartphone and/or a lap top around her, then car chargers will make a great gift for them. Apart from that, other electronics like dash phone holders (so they can use the map on their phone) and vehicle Bluetooth speakers also make great gift options…